Your Internet Marketing Results- Optin Box

In order to improve your internet marketing results, be sure to optimize your website. One way to do this is to have an optin box. This optin box will capture the email address of people that are interested in your website. Capturing emails will allow you to keep in touch with your past and prospective customers.

No one likes to be hounded by spam or unwanted emails. Because of this, people are cautious to give out their email addresses. You may need to give a free report with useful content, or give a discount off their next purchase. Find out what it will take to have your customers complete the optin box.

You will need to use a service such as Aweber to capture your leads. You can then send a regular email with useful content or coupons to your list. Aweber will allow you to automate this process.

One more tip on optin boxes – be sure to have them “above the fold,” in an obvious location such as the upper right corner of each page of your website.

For more info about Optin Boxes or to discuss further, complete my optin box in the upper right corner of this page!

Here’s to more customers coming your way!


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