Your Internet Marketing Results – Autoresponder

Along with your optin box on your website, you will need to use an autoresponder service. The clients of Your Internet Marketing Results use Aweber at The cost is currently $19 per month. You use Aweber to create your optin box and to create a list of people who have signed up by completing the information in your optin box.

Once someone has been added to your list, Aweber automatically send out a confirmation email to that person. ( Of course, you have already determined the content and timeframe for the follow up emails.) This is a confirmation that they do want to sign up on your list. Your new sign up will then receive an email asking them to click on the enclosed link to confirm their addition to your list.

If you offered a gift, a report, or a coupon for joining your list, the autoresponder will then send your prospective new client that item. You then set up regularly scheduled emails to your list. These emails need to have some useful content in order for your prospective and current customers, clients or patients to read your future emails.

You will definately need an autoresponder to improve on your internet marketing results.

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