Business Owner Video – Loveland Video on Website Services

Your Internet Marketing Results provides website video services to local businesses in the Loveland, Colorado area. Video can bring life to your website. Video can let your prospective customers get to know you, your business, your value, your purpose. I’m sure you would agree that most people would rather deal with someone you know than with a stranger.

Chances are that a prospective customer is Googling your business and has a few businesses to choose from. Having a video on your website can give you an edge. The prospective customer has at least met you in your video!

A quick video of the business owner gives a lot of good information. The video should be rather casual. An interview is often a good format for those business owners that are uncomfortable just being in front of the camera. We are highly skillful in getting the business owner to relax and just talk about their business. Your natural enthusiasm and personality will accurately shine.

Your Internet Marketing Results can create a video for you, add it to YouTube and add it to your website. Let’s get started! Call today for an appointment.

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Loveland SEO Services – Your Internet Marketing Results

Clients are often surprised that the first step for Loveland SEO services is for Your Internet Marketing Results to conduct a thorough keyword analysis. Remember that a keyword or keyword phrase is what your current or potential customers would type into Google. A company must play the role of their customer to be successful. Often clients will use a word or phrase that is used by those in that industry, and often not the word or phrase that a potential customer would use.

So… be the customer when looking at your keywords. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes sure that your keywords are what people of using to find your product or service. SEO services then will look at the competition for those keywords. Your Internet Marketing Results uses proprietary software to best determine what your competition level is, who are your competitors, and an analysis of those competitor strengths and weaknesses.

We can help you with your internet marketing right here in Loveland, Colorado. Contact us first to find out about Loveland SEO services that Your Internet Marketing Results can provide – (970) 691-5036.



Grow Your Local Business Online

I have read statistics that say that 90% of people that are wanting to buy an item, will look on line first. Gone are the days of effective yellow page or newspaper ads.

Your Internet Marketing Results will help your business by getting Google to send a steady stream of customers your way. Using Google Analytics and other proprietary software, the progress of Your Internet Marketing Results are measurable. Why not grow your local business online?

If you are still using Yellow Pages or Reporter Herald advertising, what are your results? How much are you paying for traditional advertising?

Your Internet Marketing Results is your Loveland internet marketing expert. Let’s compare your traditional advertising costs/results with those of Your Internet Marketing Results. You will be pleasantly surprised to see how cost effective we are. Contact me today – (970) 691-5036

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Dominate Your Online Market

Your Internet Marketing Results is here to assure that customers will find your business online – even if they don’t know your name! Since 80% of the people that want to buy a product or service will look online before buying, it is critical that your business shows up on Google in the #1, #2 or #3 spot on the first page. Prospective customers or clients will typically not look past the first page. Most of the clicks for information or to purchase will go to the top 3 spots on page one.

Your business can dominate your online market presence by working with Your Internet Marketing Results. Contact us today – (970) 691-5036.

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Keyword Phrase for Local Businesses

Your Internet Marketing Results teaches clients that are offering a product or service to their local market,to be sure to include the name of that local market in their keywords. For example, if you are the owner of Acme Auto Repair, you will want to include Loveland Acme Auto Repair or Acme Auto Repair Loveland. When potential customers are looking for a place to have their auto repaired, they will Google auto repair Loveland or Loveland auto repair. You will want to be ranked in Google for #1, #2 or #3.

Be sure to have a location added to your keywords if your customers are local to your business. Call today for answers to your internet marketing questions.

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