My Internet Marketing Results – Trader Jo

Let me tell you about my results with internet marketing. While I was learning about internet marketing, I used a previous website by the name of It was a blog about trading stock options. I used this blog when implementing what I had learned about getting my website to be ranked on Google in position 1,2 or 3. Before very long, I had the #1 Google ranking, followed by the Trader Joe’s grocery store chain in #2 and #3 position.

I got a real kick out of my ranking being above a large corporation. I pictured that the grocer had a whole team of folks in internet marketing, yet my very humble (to put it mildly) Trader Jo blog had a higher ranking. I had fun imagining their embarrassment. (How very tacky of me.)

However the fun did not last, as I was told by the grocer that I could not use their name. I explained that they are Joe and I am Jo. I also pointed out that I am not in the grocery business, but rather I am in the stock option trading business. I was told that did not matter as I was infringing on their name!

Hmmmmmm….. I wonder how they found me here in little Loveland, Colorado. Could it be my #1 ranking on Google? To avoid legal issues, I dropped my site for Trader Jo and started a new site,

Do you need help getting your business website to rank high on Google? I can help. Contact me today as I only work with a couple clients at a time. Afterall, I am still Trader Jo, I mean Trading Coach Jo!

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