Internet Marketing vs Web Designing

Some business owners seem to be confused about the difference between a website builder/developer/designer and  internet marketing.   I would like to explain some of the differences.

A website developer creates a website for you with the header and formatting that you like, or he/she downloads a prepared theme that someone else has designed.    With your input, the website designer considers your color preferences,  number of pages, number of columns,   blog page,  allows comments,  ads for affiliate products, opt in form, etc.  

An internet marketer optimizes the website so that it will earn a higher ranking on Google search.    The internet marketer understands about key words and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).   With key word research/analysis and using these key word, your website will begin to be found by prospective customers.   Remember that 80% of people looking for your business will use the internet.   You want to make it easy for your current and prospective new customers to find you. Keywords need to used in your blog posts, articles, press releases and all other pubished material.  Keyword research and analysis is just the beginning of what an internet marketer can provide.  Competitive analysis, competitive ranking, anchor text optimization, blog writing, article writing, implementation of Google analytics, adding video, adding audio,  using UTube, and social networking are just some of the other basic services.

Some internet marketers act as consultants telling you what you need to do, and other internet marketers actually perform the work for you.    I act in both roles, but prefer to perform the internet marketing work so that you can do what you do best – run your business!

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