Facebook Personal Profile vs Like Page

Before we go any deeper into social media, I would like to explain the differences between a Facebook personal profile and a Facebook Like Page. As a business, you will want to have both. Your personal profile is in your personal name such as JoSchmidt. Inside the JoSchmidt personal profile is a Like Page with the name of my business, Your InternetMarketingResults.

Personal profile: maximum of 5,000 friends, no optin form, cannot sell directly, can invite people to become friends

Like page: unlimited followers, have an optin form, can sell openly, can invite friends from your Profile to your Like page

Objective for the Like page is to have your visitors click on the “Like” button. When this happens, the visitor’s friends are all notified that the visitor “likes” your Like page. Because your visitor “likes” your page, some of the friends of the visitor will look at your Like page, too. Once a new visitor likes your page, all of their friends will know that their friend likes your page- and so on. You can see how potentially viral your Like Page can become.

The important points here are that both you and your business need to be on Facebook. Contact us at YourInternetMarketingResults.com for help with creating either or both of these Facebook Profile/Facebook Like Page.

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PS Please click on the Like button!! You now know why. Thanks!!

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