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You may have given up on FaceBook as being a huge time waster. Do you really care to know that Aunt Margaret bought salmon on sale at Whole Foods? As you know, because you and Aunt Margaret are Facebook “friends,” you are probably “friends” with some of Aunt Margaret’s friends.

The first thing you must know is that with your personal FaceBook, you can add business pages that are known as “pages.” These pages are for your businesses. One page per business. This is also called a Like Page.

A Like page replaced the term “fan page.” I don’t know about you, but being a fan or having fans made me uncomfortable. What am I? A groupee? Or I have groupees? The term “like” is much better to me.

Your business Like page has a potentially viral way of your business getting known or introduced to people similar interests. Advertising on Like Pages is booming and often at a lower cost that other online methods.

Check out most of the stores that are running ads for the holiday shoppers. They tell us to check their Facebook page for additional discounts. Consumers are getting savy at finding bargains.

Can you see how having a FaceBook Like Page could help bring in more customers? Yes? No? Let’s talk today!

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