Business Owners New to Marketing Online

Where to Start Marketing Online?

Maybe you are certain that you do need to start making it easy for new customers to find you?  But where do you start?

You Start Right Here –  We get you started on the correct path.   If you have an established business, we can register your domain (online company name),  create a simple but effective website, and host your new website.

We can even provide you with an email address that shows your domain as all large companies do.  For example, instead of, your email address can be    ( is the domain)   A domain email just looks more professional.

If you are just starting a business or thinking about starting a business,   give us a call so we can talk about keywords and your local competition. Keywords are critical to having a website that appears when a potential customer does an online search for your keywords.

Caution –  Don’t fall for an expensive website that looks great, but is not built to drive traffic to your business.    Many businesses have paid a great deal of money for their website, yet their business remains a secret.

Another caution is to not buy a website that has been developed for a particular type of business.   For example, there are companies that sell websites to chiropractors.    The owner of the chiropractic business thinks it makes sense, but it usually does not.   Rather this website company sells tens of thousands of websites to chiropractors across the USA and beyond that look good, but are not properly built to bring in new customers.

Free Consultation

Just give us a call, we will be glad to help – whether we work together or not.    We are committed to your business success.   When you are successful, we are successful. That is just the type of business partner you have with Your Internet Marketing Results!